The Reporting Solution

The Reporting Solution (TRS) is the cornerstone of our company. It has evolved from an Access database to a robust website based on SQL. The key feature of The Reporting Solution is the data analysis and review performed by our staff. While the website is a great place to gather the data and compile it into reports, the reports are only as good as the data. We ensure that the data is complete and accurate.

We provide all of the data analysis and review, as well as monitor your contractor’s invoicing. The data is converted into customized, easy-to-read reports. And even better, because it is web-based, you can access The Reporting Solution from anywhere, even from a beach in Cabo (as Bobby likes to say, and do!)

The Reporting Solution is based on modules. You decide which modules best suit your needs.  Ready to see more?  Click on the links to the left to take a look at website screenshots or view some of the many reports that can be customized to your specific needs.