Additional Services

While the main service we provide is The Reporting Solution, we also provide the following services:

contract specifications

Contract specifications for any type of vehicle can be developed. We will work with your staff to provide specifications built on experience and knowledge.

Developing contract specifications that meet the immediate needs of the agency as well as provide for the longevity of the vehicle is more complicated then it sounds. Experience in developing these specifications is key. We can provide not only this experience, but we can also train your staff to identify and correct the weaknesses in specifications, ensuring durable, long-lasting equipment.

We can also handle the entire process for you. We develop the specifications, add our boiler plate, advertise the bid, review the approved equals, and award the bid. We can even provide all of the FTA required forms.

project management support

We can provide direct Project Management or oversight to protect your agency’s interests in procuring any product you may be interested in purchasing, including vehicles, fareboxes, headsign retrofits, AVL systems, or any other components.

We have completed the Project Management Course at the Project Management Institute. Bobby Kuhn worked directly with the FTA on the development of the Construction Project Management Handbook. We have completed dozens of successful projects, and have gained the knowledge and expertise necessary to successfully guide your project from conception to completion.