The Reporting Solution

Entry Screens that are easy to use and intuitive.

 Drop down calendar

 Times automatically completed to match your scheduled time, although they can be changed as needed

 Dynamic drop downs to select route, run, trip, and bus number

 Revenue Miles and Total Miles automatically calculated to avoid errors

 5 Customized Reports for each service

 All data is loaded in Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2

 5 Customized reports for each module


Pass Module allows for easy tracking.

 Outlets managed in the database

 Inventories of outlets tracked

 Inventory reorder points

 Modification screens to easily correct when your outlet reports damaged or lost tickets

 Built in receipts for your outlets

 5 Customized Reports for the Pass Module

Maintenance Module that fits your needs

 Mileage and Fuel entry form that feeds into the NTD reports

 Vehicle Work order form, if your contractor is not using a Vehicle Maintenance System

 Road Call entry form that allows for tracking by category, mileage, bus, and many other methods

 Modification screens make changes easy

 5 Customized Maintenance Module Reports