FTA Required Plans take time

FTA requires both a Vehicle Maintenance Plan and a Facility Plan. We can help you achieve FTA compliance and train your staff on how to meet the update requirements. 

Public transit requires a considerable investment in vehicles, buildings, equipment, and machinery. Consistent with 49 USC 53, FTA and DOT requires that their grantees keep federal and state funded equipment and facilities in good operating order (i.e., exercise satisfactory continuing control) to protect the federal and state investment. The proper maintenance of vehicles, facilities, machinery, and equipment is the key to protecting the federal and state investment and prolonging the useful life of the asset.

Grantees should track maintenance expenses, staffing levels, road call rates, and historical maintenance performance to ensure that vehicles, equipment, and facilities are adequately maintained. During an FTA Triennial Review, FTA will review a grantee's facilities, vehicles, and equipment to ensure that they are well maintained and that there is no evidence of vehicles and equipment being abandoned and allowed to deteriorate. If a grantee does not conform to FTA maintenance requirements, FTA will consider the grantee deficient in their assurance of “Satisfactory Continuing Control” (see Chapter 10, Grantee Self- Certifications).

Vehicle Maintenance and Facility Plans are not only useful in the event of an FTA review, but they provide a valuable tool to staff in the daily performance of their duties.  The plans can ensure consistency and efficiency. 

Updates or complete plans developed for your agency based on your needs.


Our plans are priced at $5,000 each, plus travel expenses, price is discounted 10% when both plans are purchased at the same time. We typically only need one day of on-site interviews and produce draft documents within 30 days of the interviews.

Vehicle Maintenance and Facility Plans