Outsourcing comes with challenges

Many transit agencies contract out services, supplying the vehicles to the contractor.  Vehicles are one of the largest purchases a transit agency makes.   The Federal Transit Administration (FTA) provides a significant portion of the funding for most vehicle purchases, and, therefore, requires that those vehicles be maintained to the highest standards.  How does the agency ensure that the vehicles are being maintained correctly?  How do you know if the contractor is living up to the contract?

Solutions for Transit has developed an entire maintenance audit program based on hands-on experience in maintenance.  This program will ensure that your contractor is living up to the contract, and that the vehicles will last their full life cycle, with a minimum of repair costs. 

Solutions for Transit will come in on a periodic basis and do a 175-point inspection on each vehicle and review the records for each vehicle.  A detailed management report is developed for the agency’s management staff. 

The audit will also include the review of the entire maintenance program, guided by FTA compliance requirements, requirements that are reviewed as part of the FTA’s triennial audit.  A key component of any maintenance program is the Preventive Maintenance Inspection Program (PMI).  Solutions for Transit has, over years of research, developed Preventative Maintenance Inspection Checklists that not only cover the manufacturer recommendations, but also cover manufacturer specific defects that have been uncovered over time.  These inspections are based on individual research, and research done in conjunction with the California Transit Association Maintenance Committee.

The results of the audit are reviewed with the contractor to ensure compliance and on-going improvement, and to foster a team environment.


Our Audits are based on a per vehicle price of $400.00 per bus, plus travel.

Management Reports Include:

· Executive Summary

· Defects found

· Comparisons and trends

· Suggestions for addressing any findings

· Review of maintenance program

· Recommendations for improvement

· Performance indicators for tracking improvement

· Charts and Graphs


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